Beauty in All Things - Exhibition at The Hive

I've recently finished another two short courses at Hereford College of Arts and have been challenged again to "loosen up", as it were; use bigger brushes, bolder strokes, try to capture the object in fewer and fewer marks. Also reassured in the belief that its ok to actually record how we see from direct observation;  remember not everything has a hard, defined line around it!! (I can still hear Alan walking behind me repeating "edges" one more time, in his lovely Scottish accent!) 

The result of all this is a slightly different style, I think, but its v much early days and I haven't had time to produce enough images to convince myself (let alone anyone else?!) that its working!? Eek!

The exhibition that is going to be up at The Hive from 4th April to 4th May will therefore show examples of recent work in four main areas: portraits & people, still lives, trees and abstraction. Some were produced before I was at Hereford and others since. Please tell me what you think, if you go along... Can anyone else even see the difference?!



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