Portrait & Life Group

Every Friday of the year (apart from Christmas day!) there is a Portrait & Life Group that meets at The Ludlow Assembly Rooms, between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Chris Bean organises the whole thing; booking models, hiring the studio on the top floor, making sure there are enough biscuits, tea & coffee to go round!

It is a very friendly, supportive workshop (there is no formal teaching), however there is quite a serious ethos and many of the artists have been going every Friday for years (it's been going for 20!) seeking to practice, improve and share tips. So although there is lots of lovely banter and conversation the room falls silent once the model starts to pose, which really helps you to concentrate. The poses remain the same for three weeks, therefore anyone wishing to produce a finished painting or sculpture from life can do so.

I don't manage to make it there every single time, but I wish I could.
It's really amazing and I cannot recommend it enough!

Contact Ludlow Assembly Rooms for more details: www.ludlowassemblyrooms.co.uk or 01574 873229




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