Rowanne Cowley

I did a degree in Spanish and Visual Art many moons ago and continue to draw, paint and make art as often as I can. It drives, inspires and exasperates me, yet makes me feel more alive whenever I try to produce something.

All of my work starts from direct observation. Some finishes there too and is as close to a realistic representation as I can make it. Other images are developed further and are tied up with thoughts, books, films and conversations that I've had and are more abstracted and expressive as a result.

I have long admired Euan Uglow, Stanley Spencer, Patrick George, Frida Kahlo, Max Beckmann, Vincent Van Gogh, Colin Davidson, Andrew James, Travis Schlaht, Thelma Ayre, H Craig Hanna, the list continues to grow.

Alan Harrold is an amazing teacher, artist and a thoroughly good egg. I am very grateful for his help. Close friends in Shropshire and old friends in Berkshire / Oxfordshire keep me afloat, on track and believing. I am most deeply indebted to my immediate family for their constant support, love and encouragement.